The Knitting Connection
by Marjorie Scoboria, December 2008

Have you heard of The Knitting Connection?
It's folks who crochet, knit and sew
Small trinkets, and clothing at Christmas
For children, who'd otherwise know
No tree and no Santa Claus' visit,
With his gift-laden sleigh in the snow.

Over 2,000 people contribute
Just here in New Endgland, alone.
Almost 6,000 articles finished
Last year, when the counting was done.
A generous gift to the needy,
The folks whose resources are gone.

Remember The Knitting Connection
As you sit by the fire and crochet,
And think of the dreamy expression
On the faces of youngsters as they
Open their gift up at Christmas
And smile in the happiest way

Thank you Marjorie! Marjorie has been crafting for The Knitting Connection for years, and on June 27, 2008, Marjorie turned 102!